Core Values

Core Values

All the services offered at Post19 are founded upon our core values and these values guide the delivery of each service.

Meaningfulness - Post19 believes that all people should have a purpose in their life. We are committed to enabling the young adults to discover their potential in all areas of their life.

Respect - Post19 respects everyone’s individuality and provides flexible support to meet their individual needs. We encourage the young adults to make their own choices that reflect their goals and wishes.

Part of the Post19 Family - Post19 has a family feel allowing for a safe, welcoming environment for individuals to express their opinions, speak their mind and be themselves.

Being Part of a Community - Post19 encourages our young adults to play an active role in both their own local community and the wider learning disability community.

Pushing the Boundaries - Post19 believes you cannot develop yourself without trying new things. We believe with the right support in place we can help our young adults to have new experiences and exceed their own expectations.