At Post 19 we have built freedom into our structure. We do not believe in doing activities for the sake of it, so we make sure that everything we do is meaningful and has a clear purpose.

Our service aims to build on an individual’s existing skills and interests. We have a flexible programme that offers choice. Having chosen an activity, we encourage each young adult to commit to taking part in the activity.


Enterprise Short Course

We will create an online business from original concept to actual online store. Key areas of work/enquiry will be – Entrepreneurial skills, Generating Enterprising Ideas, Enterprise Planning and Putting Plans into Action. We aim to experience the highs and lows of creating an online store. They will learn about costings and what is needed to send out and complete orders.



This programme aims to reinforce key ICT skills such as typing, web browsing and Internet safety. As well as introducing some more complex tasks such as website updating and basic HTML, video and photo editing. This will also link in with the Enterprise programme, giving the young adults more control over our website and our online store. 


Creative Writing

We will explore different styles of writing such as interviewing, report writing as well as creating personal blogs and short stories. We will investigate the most suitable ways of writing for different situations. We will also explore the possibility of working with local schools to perform our stories for an audience.


Communication Group

For some young adults who find communication more challenging, we would like to offer a small group where we will be able to practise communication skills, talking about topical issues and subjects suggested by the young adults. These sessions will be run by experienced speech and language assistants.


Community Skills

Our young adults come from all over Surrey and Hampshire. Many still are living at home. Our objective is to support our young adults to learn about local communities. No two towns or villages are the same, however, they do typically share commonalities. We will be experiencing these by travelling there, shopping, banking and eating or going for a drink.


Travel Training

During these sessions the young adults have worked on independence by using different modes of public transport to get to and explore a variety of towns around the county. They have been shadowed to follow the process of buying a ticket, finding the route and where to catch the bus or train. We have explored Guildford and Aldershot at present.



In these sessions we will explore different forms of photography including portrait landscape and studio work. We will also link in with our Enterprise program; using our skills gained, we will create images for the website and Post19 promotional material. We also hope to offer an Asdan course and enter local competitions.


Graphic Design

For those interested in Art but wanting to explore its application in the commercial world, our graphic design course covers print design, branding, typography and graphic illustration. We will be working in small groups to design and produce leaflets, posters, menus and magazines whilst learning the basics of graphic design software on the Mac.



A fun regular workshop for all abilities where the most able will be challenged and those that just want to have fun will be supported and encouraged. Each half term we will produce work on a new theme, so that we can be inspired by a wide range of artists and creatives and explore a whole array of different media and techniques. We hope to hold regular art exhibitions and each week students work will feature on a Facebook Gallery so that friends & family can enjoy their creations.



We aim to work alongside the Post19 Enterprise by creating products to sell either on our website or at the fayres we attend. The process includes researching what style of products are popular at the moment and that we feel we can reproduce to a high enough standard to sell. The current sessions have included making bunting, sewing a motif onto material to create a picture and making fragranced candles in teacups.

The sessions have given the young adults a sense of achievement and awakened their creative genes.


Batik and Tie Dye

We will learn about how to make up dyes and how to build up different colours on fabrics. We will learn different techniques to get the fabric to resist the dye and create patterns and pictures. We have dyed silk scarves, bags, pictures and cushion covers. We link to the Enterprise course making items for sale on the website and for various markets.



Drama explores many aspects of everyday life. We use role play to encourage positive thinking skills, games to encourage team work and learn short plays that we film to encourage memory skills.

Sessions include warm up games, improvisation and many other aspects, including film production. Sessions end with a period of reflection.

We aim for the young adults to gain confidence and self esteem and encourage teamwork, thinking skills and promote communication.



We are able to offer music sessions run by some of the support workers. They can learn drumming and have the opportunity to enjoy making music in small groups.



The dance sessions cover a variety of different dance styles and are always great fun. They are run by Shuffles Dance School and our young adults have been successful in the exams they have taken.



We have a profession dietician who will teach the basics of nutrition and a healthy diet. They will learn about different food groups, portion sizes and look at the ‘eat well plate’. They will look at labelling and how to make better choices. We look at food sources and where we buy food. We will look at food from around the world and combining food to make healthy snacks, whilst still providing all the energy and nutrients that the body needs.

We want to give the young adults the ability to make healthy choices that will last a life time.



Our aim is for groups of young adults to provide a lunchtime menu and serve food to the others. We will teach the basics of food hygiene, knife skills, food preparation and cooking techniques. We will plan menus catering for different diets, providing choices for each day. We work to a budget and learn about stock control. We intend for this course to be work based and provide an opportunity to learn skills that can be used out in the community and for work experience.


Cooking for pleasure

This course will give opportunities to choose, plan and cook a variety of different food and drinks. There will be an emphasis on fun and enjoyment whilst learning about food preparation and hygiene, along with different techniques which are necessary life skills.


Motorbike Mechanics

We work on motorbikes and have stripped down a motorbike and rebuilt and restored it ready to sell. We have learnt about the technical aspects of motorbike mechanics. We have also been able to sell some parts. We will continue to build on these skills and encourage independence and confidence to complete some tasks by themselves.


Car Maintenance

We start off learning a foundation of knowledge on car maintenance and its sub systems. Practical assignments will allow the young adults to practise and experience the car maintenance activities associated with the service of light vehicles.

We aim to help them understand the basics of car maintenance and learn how to carry out running repairs and servicing. They will learn how to jack up and change wheels, brake pads and shoes, change oil, fuel and air filters and check oil and water levels; amongst other things. Some of the key topics they will learn about on the course will include health and safety at work, car roadworthiness checking (MOT), car component operation and maintenance, lubrication, fuel, ignition and exhaust systems.

The aims of the course will give the young adults basic knowledge of car maintenance, encouraging them to have the confidence to undertake basic maintenance tasks, asking for assistance when required.


Vehicle Valeting

We will give young adults basic knowledge to conduct the cleaning inside and out of motor vehicles safely, in a logical sequence. They will conduct basic fluids checks, engine oil and water levels, as well as checking tyre pressures and general cleaning tasks.

The young adults will arrange for vehicles to be booked into allocated time slots to enable cleaning tasks to be completed within a given timeframe. The vehicles will be cleaned inside and out as required. They will conduct valeting with professional cleaning equipment and products, to enable a first rate job is undertaken.


Furniture Recycling

We work with the Phyllis Tuckwell secondhand furniture store and update and refurbish different pieces of furniture, which we then resell. We also source our own pieces of furniture and refurbish and sell at various markets.

The young adults learn how to prepare the furniture and repaint or use other techniques such as decoupage; from choosing the paints, paper and fabrics to recycling a wide variety of furniture.



We meet twice a week at Farnham Town Council greenhouses and on our Post19 allotment. In the 2-hour sessions we grow flowers and vegetables in this year-round activity. It is led by a qualified Horticulture Therapist who also has an autistic son.

We assist Farnham Council with hanging basket preparation and grow most of our vegetables from seed. We eat what we grow back at our base.

Horticulture is a social and therapeutic activity that promotes exercise, self esteem and teamwork. We aim to provide purposeful and vocational activity to complement the other activities in the Post19 timetable. 



Our sports sessions are the cornerstone of the Post19 programmes. We provide a range of different sports from Basketball and Football to Tag Rugby and Volleyball. We aim to allow our young adults to choose an activity that they enjoy.  We believe that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and encourage our young adults to be as active as possible. Our sports sessions are designed to be competitive, encourage teamwork and communication skills and give them an interest and enjoyment of activity that will last them a lifetime. We intend to offer a sports session everyday.


Surrey Special Olympics and Boccia

We are a partner organisation with Special Olympics Surrey and are currently delivering Boccia. Once the young adults sign up to be part of Special Olympics Surrey they are able to take part in a range of sports and maybe even represent the county in competitive games.

Boccia is a Paralympic sport that is played in a similar way to bowls. It encourages participants to improve their coordination and decision making skills. Through Special Olympics Surrey we have competed against other Boccia teams, allowing our young adults to meet new people and experience competitive matches. Our aim is to encourage the young adults to develop their skills as far as possible with the potential to compete at a national level.



This is a much enjoyed session at Post19 where we have accessed Farnham Sports Centre swimming pool. The key aims are fitness, fun and safety. All the young adults have improved over time with the distance they can now swim. As we are located within walking distance of the sports centre, we are able to offer swimming as a regular choice.


Tae Kwando

The programme we follow was created in New Zealand for young people with special needs to teach self defence, fitness and have fun. It uses all the muscles in the body, improves coordination and gives the young adults confidence. They learn the philosophy behind the non-aggressive and instils the need for self control and a healthy body and mind. They also learn body awareness, self discipline and respect for others.

The sessions are taught by a professional instructor and many of our young adults have progressed and achieved some of the coloured belts.