Post19 is a leading Life Skills and Support Centre for young adults with learning difficulties. We are based in Farnham and support young adults throughout Surrey and Hampshire. Through accessing our community based programme, Post19 supports our young adults to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life and to reach their full potential. Based across three sites in Farnham, Post19 provides a friendly environment centred on the needs and interests of those who come to us.

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  • Young Adults

    Post19 supports approximately 130 young adults with a wide range of abilities. We have 11 groups, with each group catering to different needs and interests enabling young adults to reach their full potential.

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  • Staff

    Post19 has a diverse pool of staff from an array of different backgrounds who bring their experiences from all walks of life. This range of experiences enables Post19 to offer the wide range of activities in its programme.

  • Activities

    We offer a wide range of community based activities, from sports and music, to catering and car mechanics. Every young adults has an individualised programme that is designed to develop, challenge and engage.

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  • enterprise19

    enterprise19 is a company designed to enhance the job prospects of our young adults within the local and wider community.

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  • Purposeful

    Post19 believes that all people should have a purpose in their life. We are committed to enabling the young adults to discover their potential in all areas of their life.

  • Respect 

    Post19 respects everyone’s individuality and provides flexible support to meet their individual needs. 

  • Safe environment

    Post19 is a safe place that allows individuals to express their opinions, speak their minds, and be themselves without judgement from others.

  • Being part of a Community 

    Post19 encourages our young adults to play an active role in both their own local community and the wider learning disability and autism community.

  • Pushing the boundaries

    Post19 believes you cannot develop yourself without trying new things. We believe with the right support in place we can help our young adults and staff to have new experiences and exceed their own expectations.

  • Independence 

    Post19 encourages our young adults to increase their independence which supports them to be more confident in decision-making as well as building valuable life skills.

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Term Dates 2023 / 24


    3 January 2024


    12 February to 16 February 2024


    28 March 2024


    16 April 2024


    27 May to 31 May 2024


    26 July 2024