Agitated Alex's Lockdown diaries colouring sheet

Agitated Alex's Lockdown diaries colouring sheet

Alex was given the task of documenting his life in lockdown, using the format of a cartoon strip. He has developed a character, 'Agitated Alex' and has drawn some of the things that he does during his day. 

We think these are wonderful illustrations Alex! And we think they make a GREAT colouring page. Let's see how your Post19 friends get on with colouring them in. 

A great additional challenge for artists would be to add to the cartoon strip with a drawing of an activity that THEY are doing. What are you doing the same as Alex and what are you doing differently throughout your day?

Thankyou for sharing you art Alex!

We would love to see your finished pictures so once you have completed your colouring, why not upload it to instagram, facebook or twitter and tag us in? We'll give you a shout out and show all our followers! #ColourwithPost19


To Download:

Right click on the image and select save image as. Check the file is in JPEG format, choose where you would like to save the file to on your computer and click save.

To Print:

Open the image and click on file and then print. The image is already set up to print on an A4 page.

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