Post19 is proud to offer Tae-Kwon-Do sessions at Alton Martial Arts Academy in Alton. The sessions are run by experienced Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing and Self-Defence Chief Instructor Paul Adams Black Belt 5th Degree.


"We practise our kicks and punches. I enjoy Tae-Kwon-Do because I like the techniques used." Alex Vaux

"At TKD we learn self-defense and develop our fitness and self confidence. I like that I can go full out on a punching pad and get rid of any pent up anger or any annoying things in my head. Learning self-defense helps me so that I feel like I can get myself out of a bad situation safely if I need to. Having a good level of fitness helps you to do more, so it's not hard to move around a lot or keep up with a fast-paced sports session." Chloe Gerrard