Nutrition / Catering

We have a profession dietician who will teach the basics of nutrition and a healthy diet.

They will learn about different food groups, portion sizes and look at the ‘eat well plate’. They will look at labelling and how to make better choices.

We look at food sources and where we buy food. We will look at food from around the world and combining food to make healthy snacks, whilst still providing all the energy and nutrients that the body needs.

We want to give the young adults the ability to make healthy choices that will last a life time.


Our aim is for groups of young adults to provide a lunchtime menu and serve food to the others. We will teach the basics of food hygiene, knife skills, food preparation and cooking techniques. We will plan menus catering for different diets, providing choices for each day. We work to a budget and learn about stock control. We intend for this course to be work based and provide an opportunity to learn skills that can be used out in the community and for work experience.

Cooking for pleasure

This course will give opportunities to choose, plan and cook a variety of different food and drinks. There will be an emphasis on fun and enjoyment whilst learning about food preparation and hygiene, along with different techniques which are necessary life skills.