Moter mechanics

We work on motorbikes and have stripped down a motorbike and rebuilt and restored it ready to sell. We have learnt about the technical aspects of motorbike mechanics. We have also been able to sell some parts.

We will continue to build on these skills and encourage independence and confidence to complete some tasks by themselves.



We start off learning a foundation of knowledge on car maintenance and its sub systems. Practical assignments will allow the young adults to practise and experience the car maintenance activities associated with the service of light vehicles.

We aim to help them understand the basics of car maintenance and learn how to carry out running repairs and servicing. They will learn how to jack up and change wheels, brake pads and shoes, change oil, fuel and air filters and check oil and water levels; amongst other things. Some of the key topics they will learn about on the course will include health and safety at work, car roadworthiness checking (MOT), car component operation and maintenance, lubrication, fuel, ignition and exhaust systems.

The aims of the course will give the young adults basic knowledge of car maintenance, encouraging them to have the confidence to undertake basic maintenance tasks, asking for assistance when required.


We will give young adults basic knowledge to conduct the cleaning inside and out of motor vehicles safely, in a logical sequence. They will conduct basic fluids checks, engine oil and water levels, as well as checking tyre pressures and general cleaning tasks.

The young adults will arrange for vehicles to be booked into allocated time slots to enable cleaning tasks to be completed within a given timeframe. The vehicles will be cleaned inside and out as required. They will conduct valeting with professional cleaning equipment and products, to enable a first rate job is undertaken.