About enterprise19

Did you know?

94% of people with learning disabilities are unemployed.

Disappointed at lack of job opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities, we founded enterprise19, a community interest company designed to enhance the job prospects of our young adults within the local and wider community.

enterprise19 is an online shop, with the occasional running market stalls, that helps young adults to experience real working environments and improve their work skills with the overall goal of increasing their employment chances.

Our young adults contribute to all stages of design and production of our amazing products, with young adult's designs from our Art and Graphic Design sessions used to create the unique designs on our greetings cards, postcards, wrapping paper and calendars. 

Many other sessions produce beautiful products to be sold online and at market stalls, such as Furniture Up-cycling, Carpentry and Woodwork, Craft, Textiles, Screen Printing and Mosaic.

Please browse our collections and support us to help improve our young people's job opportunities at www.enterprise19.co.uk