In communication sessions a programme known as "Makaton" is used as a non-verbal way of communicating. Makaton is designed so that someone who lacks verbal speech, can use it to communicate with others more efficiently. Makaton features a series of symbols that acts as speech patterns, that are put into spoken word order. It's an important tool because it benefits someone who struggles with speech difficulties, and them gives a means by how they can get their point across.

The communication group also look at photos of different scenarios which involve emotions. The young adults tell the rest of the group how they think the people in them are feeling. Emotions are a central theme for communication sessions. We have made faces showing different emotions using paper plates. The group also use emotions dominos which is good for identifying different emotions.

The communication session also focus a lot on ‘ourselves’, our family, our likes, our dislikes and our pets among other areas. The group plays games to encourage turn taking and sharing. We also encourage talking to each other and respecting each other’s views and opinions.

Word-searches about what we have done today are used as well as activities involving finding missing words. The group also looks at phonics and prepositions.