You and me (part 2)

Part 2 

"Dean lets put these files somewhere safer." 

 Both laugh and Dean picks up a file as Jamie looks down the corridor. He could see a figure standing at the end of the corridor.

"Hi, do you work here too?" 

"What you know I do stop messing around and give me a hand," Dean replies. 

"I'm not talking to you. There is someone right there, Dean, look," as he turned back to point at the figure, it was gone.

"You did hit your head hard didn't you Newman?" 

"I did hurt my head but I'm not seeing things!" 

Jamie started to pick up files with Dean and soon the corridor was clear.  Dean thought to himself, "So Jamie can see her too. I only know one other person who can."


Jamie and Dean them started on the office the Chief told them to clean up for Jamie to use. After an hour of cleaning they were done. Dean retuned to the main office.


As Jamie was settling in he could hear a woman's  voice but not clear enough to tell what she was saying. 

"Hello is anyone there? Are you the one that was at the end of the corridor?"

He heard a reply "Yes. Can you help me?" 

Jamie got scared "What?! Why can't I see you?"  

The voice replied again, "I'm here but you can't always see me!"

 "Ok…a bit scary!" he stood up from his chair.   

"Don't be scared Jamie. My name is Lynne and I have been here for along time. I just want to go home."

"Lynn, how do you know my name?"

"I can't really explain it, but I feel like know you Jamie."

"How can I help you?" Jamie asked but he didn't get an answer. "Lynne? You here Lynne?" Still no answer.


The day went on. Joe came to see Jamie about going to the city hall. Someone had broken in last night.

"Hi Newman are you free to go to the city hall? There was a break in last night and it needs investigating." 

"Hi Joe, sure I will go check it out now."


As Jamie was driving to city hall, Joe was looking around Jamie's office. 

He touched a file on Jamie's shelf and it fell on the desk.  A picture of a young girl fell out of the file. Joe took the picture and put the file back on the shelf.  He left the office.


When Jamie came back the Chief was looking for him. "Newman, what are you doing I sent Jack to get you and you were out. Where did you go?"  

"I went  to the City Hall as Joe asked me to." 

"What? Joe was on that job not you. If you keep on messing around you can get out my station!" 

"Yes sir! I will not mess around anymore, sir." 

"See that you do, Newman."



Jamie went back to his office and got one of the files off the shelf. He noticed one of the files was open with a clip with nothing on it.  

"Huh? Where did this old file come from?"

As he read the file he was stunned to discover it was about the unsolved death of a female cop named Lynne Johnson from 10 years ago.

"I wonder if this Lynne is the same as the one who has been talking to me?" Jamie thought to himself, "Maybe the Chief knows about this?"

Jamie goes to the Chief's office but he is out. As Jamie is leaving the Chief's office he bumps into Jack. 

"Hi Newman, the Chief is out at a reported drunk man at the train station."

"Is he? I wanted to talk to him about a death file I found in my office."

"Who's death file?" Jack asked.

"Lynne Johnson? I think she use to work here?" 

"Don't get involved in that mess." Jack warned.

"Why not?" Jamie asked.

"Lynne Johnson was crazy and what happened 10 years ago is better forgotten. I better get back to my work." Jack left in a hurry back to his office.


Jamie didn't understand what Jack meant but he felt Jack was hiding something from him. However, he took Jack's advice and put the file in a locked drawer.


A week had passed when the voice spoke to Jamie again. 

"Jack is lying to you. He had a part in this." The voice said angrily, scaring Jamie.

Then the lamp on Jamie's desk smashed. He covered his face with his hands. 

"Lynne Johnson I know it's you. What do you what me to do?" Jamie asked the voice.

"Free me." 

"How can I do that?"

"Talk to Dean." The voice urged. "He is my younger brother." 

"Your brother?" Jamie sounded surprised.  

Then the window smashed. Jamie jumped off his chair and hid under the table.

"I never knew Dean had an older sister who died. I guess he will want to get to the bottom of this." Jamie said aloud to himself.


The next day Jamie talked to Dean over a coffee. 

"I found an interesting file on my desk the other day. It was a file about the death of your sister." Jamie said nervously.

"My sister's death was a long time ago and unsolved." Dean replied, confused why Jamie was bringing it up.

"Didn't you ever try to figure out what happened to her?" Jamie asked.

"It was 10 years ago so it will be hard to work happened to her." Dean replied, "I think Jack and Joe were working here at the time."

"If that is true they might have some information that would help, we should ask them."

"Yes, but I think the Chief has the complete file of her death in his office?"

"Alright we can try and get it while the chief is out?" Jamie suggests.

"Alright." Dean agrees hesitantly.


The pair snuck into the Chief's office and grabbed the file.

"Ok, we have it. So…anything more about Lynne's death?" Jamie asks Dean.

"Yes she was shot." Dean sounded upset.

"By who?" Jamie asked shocked.

"It doesn't say. I guess they never figured it out."

"Here, let me see it." Jamie asked sticking his hand out for the file.


It read that Lynne was frantically attacking another police officer and was screaming at him. She was shot by a different police officer who was defending his colleague. The report also stated that the policeman Lynne was attacking was Jack.


"What was she trying to do to Jack? And why was she shot?" Dean asked confused.

"I remember Jack saying Lynne was crazy." Jamie said. 

"I don't think that is the case. I remember Joe talking to Jack about Lynne. I know my sister wasn't crazy!" Dean said outraged.

"What did Joe say about Lynne?" 

"He said she was screaming about a young boy dying on the day she died."

"A boy? Maybe she was trying to tell them about the boy  get them to help her save him?" Jamie suggested.

"If so why shoot her?" Dean said.

"Maybe Jack was the one who did something to the boy?"

"She was trying to stop Jack form killing the boy and he shot both of them." Dean guessed.

"He shot the boy then Lynne?" Jamie questioned in disbelief. 

"Damn you Jack! You have got away with this for too long." Dean yelled angrily.



Dean storms off to the Chief's office with Jamie in tow. Dean barges into the office and begins to explain their breakthrough in his sister's case.

The Chief listens patiently and then replies, "So you are telling me that Jack killed a boy and then killed Lynne Johnson?"

"Yes sir, I think so." Dean says finally.

The Chief sat in silence for a moment before confessing, "I had hoped this day would never come. I have tried to make it better but I'm finally going to be brought to justice."

"Wait, it was really you who killed the boy and Lynne?! Why would you?" Jamie said confused. 

"Chief, why did you kill my sister?" Dean screamed as he grabbed the Chief's shirt.

Jamie pulled Dean off the Chief.

"I shot the boy because I thought he had a bomb under his jumper. As Jack tried to stop me my hand slipped and I shot Lynne by mistake." The Chief explained with his head in his hands.

"You're telling us it was a mistake?" Jamie said uncertainly.

"I don't care! You are going to pay for this John!" Dean yelled.

"So, Jack was lying to protect you?" Jamie asked. 

"Yes that is what you do for your family."

"Family? Jack is your son?" Dean asked confused. 

"Yes." The Chief replied.


Jamie and Dean sat down and thought it over. John chose to handed himself in and he was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Jack took control of the station with Joe and Jamie, Dean quit, and Lynne Johnson finally got what she was waiting for. She went to heaven to see her Father. 




May 20, 2015 by Dan McCormack

My Soul

My Soul Burns

In a land of Magic and legends a great kingdoms excessed that had a stone of power. The kingdom is in the Blue ocean was ruled by a king called Dorn. In a time of destruction he used the stones power to levitated his castles into the clouds and dammed his people to rote and ruin to save him self and his Casual the stones magic lifted the Casual out of the Blue Ocean and into the sky above the clouds and living the rest of the Kingdom it has bin 7 years and Fishermen and Sellers are the main people in the lost Kingdom.


Two Fishermen are pulling out their dally hall

Sam said to Jack “Did you hear about the king and his kingdom trapped up in the clouds?”

Jack replied “Well no I have heard about a kids story’s made up by Fishermen for their children”

A young man walked past called Kiddy “all made up ha that a laugh I have seen the kingdom above the clouds before”

“That’s what we would expect from a kid”

“I’m no kid I did see it and that is that”

Both of the men just walk away pulling there nets behind them.


As Kiddy Strop's off a ship arrives unexpectedly, it looked like a galleon ship but with black sails and no crew could be seen as it came into port.

“oh damn I assumed thing could not get any worse”

He ran away through the town.

“I’d better get away for that damn nightmare”


Dan went to see the ship.

Axle, standing on the ship deck, asked “are you the King we are looking for?”

“what King?”

“Hang on a minute you don't look that special so you can't be him”

Dan shouted in frustration “Why you little brat”

“I would be careful if I was you”

“what why?”

Suddenly Dan was grabbed by Axle’s older brother, who snuck up behind Dan and threw him into a stack of boxes.

Axle “Now Copper you don’t throw old men”

Copper “Ho shut up Axel you are not the


“well that was over before it began”

“what would you expect from your older bother”


March 11, 2015 by Dan McCormack

In Terrors Walls (Chapter 1)

As the red Moon rises the star was bright so as the Prophesy said, a child has been born to save the village and be the champion and win the gift of the gods. 
January 28, 2015 by Dan McCormack

In Terror Walls (Preview)

There are Warriors born into four different villages. The Warrior is born under the stars red light as the sign of the Warrior he must fight to receive the power of a wish given by the Village’s God.

January 14, 2015 by Dan McCormack

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The first chapter of Chloe's crime thriller 'You and Me'
October 22, 2014 by Dan McCormack

Check back soon for Chloe's latest blog!

October 01, 2014 by Dan McCormack