My Weekend

We had a good weekend. I stayed at my nan's house.

Every day we went to Frimley Park to see my grandad, his shoulder's broken. 

On Friday it took 25 minutes to get a parking space, there were loads of men shovelling snow out of the way. I like snow, but I don't like it when it interrupts my week. Post19 had two snow days last week, and I was happy because I could stay at home but I missed my friends. 

I've got a joke for you about snow, what's an 'ig'? A snow house without a loo!

On Saturday the man from Sky came round to fit a new box at nan's house, he came at 7.15 in the morning! He put all the new box in really quick, we can watch all the movies now. 

A window cleaner came round as well, I made him a cup of tea and some toast.

On Sunday night I went home, we had a Roast dinner in the evening. Honey and Mustard ham with all the vegetables, and all the potatoes. It was the best, really yummy! Thanks Mum and Dad!

It was nice to have a long weekend, I hope we get another one soon!

March 05, 2018 by Pete Goldsworthy

My Half term

I had a great half term, it was gone too quick! It was really fun, I enjoyed my activities with Post19 and seeing my Nan. I had to work on Wednesday all day, it was a bit mad.

On Monday I went trampolining and swimming with Post19, the best part was definitely trampolining, sometimes I go to Gravity Force.

On Tuesday I went to the market with my Nan and helped her run some errands, we picked up a prescription from the chemist. In the afternoon we just chilled out. I really like spending time with my Nan (she’s got Sky so I can watch the Kardashians!)

On Wednesday I was at work all day, from 7 til 4.30! I had to go in early to get some deliveries in. I work at Fab Cafe in Farnborough Library, it’s run by Parkside to give jobs to people with Special Needs. I really love working there. It was half term so it got really busy from about 11 - 2, I ran out of teabags and everything.

On Thursday I did bowling and Bingo with Post19. I didn’t win in bowling, but I had a lot of fun anyway. Bingo was great, I haven’t been before. It was a great laugh!

On Friday I was with Nan again, she had friends round for lunch and I joined them. I washed up for her!

I really enjoyed my week off, but I’m glad to be back at Post19 now.

February 22, 2018 by Robert Power